Supervision and Tank Inspection | Mailiao, Taiwan

Mailiao, Taiwan

Supervision and Tank Inspection | Mailiao, Taiwan

Contract Data


Mailiao, Taiwan


Formosa Petrochemical Corporation



Year of Completion:


Contract Scope:


Storage Tank Data

Storage Capacity:

2 x 30,000 m³

Tank Type:

Double Containment

Design Code:

API 620


Ammonia / Ethylene

Project Description / Highlights

Supervision and consultancy services for the in-service inspections of ground double containment storage tanks for Ethylene and Ammonia

Issue of comprehensive checklist with details of items to be inspected and the required preparations and safety procedures

Electrical check of bottom heating system

Visual check of outer tank wall and roof

Integrity and efficiency check of tank insulation by measurements

Visual check of piping and related insulation

Function checks of instruments and valves

Function check of in-tank pumps and monorail hoist

Visual inspection of steel structures and ladders