LNG Terminal | Vysotsk, Russia

Vysotsk, Russia

LNG Terminal | Vysotsk, Russia

Contract Data


Port of Vysotsk, Leningrad Region, Russia


Cryogas-Vysotsk Ltd.



Year of Completion:


Contract Scope:


TGE Scope of Work

Preparation of Special Technical Conditions (STC) for Design and Construction of LNG Storage Tank and Distribution System

Preparation of Project Documentation Stage – P acc. To Russian Declaration 87

Supervision of Erection Works

Basic & Detail Engineering for LNG Storage Tank and Distribution System incl. “Russification”

Preparation of Work Documentation Stage R as per GOST 21.1101

Procurement of equipment

Terminal & Storage Tank Data

Storage Capacity:

42,000 m³

Terminal Capacity:

660,000 Ton / Year

Tank Type:

Full containment

Design Code:

EN 14620

Project Highlights

First middle scale LNG Production and Trans-Shipment Terminal in Russia, located at the Port of Vysotsk in Leningrad Region with LNG Capacity of 660,000 Ton/Year Including the Gas Pipeline Branch of Main Pipeline Leningrad-Vyborg-State Border.